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Without security, there is no true communication.

Without communication, there is no true security.

Every single advance and innovation in networking expands the opportunities as well as the dangers. Out of fear, many shrink back from embracing the new platforms, however this will only harm their ability to communicate internally and externally in comparison to the marketplace. On the other hand, many even of the well-informed, eagerly adopt everything new with little or no thought at all to the inherit risk.

MyGeeks is extremely proficient and experienced at managing IT security for enterprise networks and devices with strong tools and effective training.

myGeeks Network, Server and Cloud Security

  1. Calculate and analyze information.
  2. Move information.
  3. Store information.
  4. Protect and control access to information.

To have your IT accomplish these four mission critical functions efficiently, contact us.


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myGeeks Mobile Device Security Consulting

Around the world, organizations large and small are experiencing a rapid proliferation of WiFi/ 3G/4G equipped mobile devices. Tablets in particular, are revolutionizing and transforming every layer and aspect of work, collaboration and communication.

We provide the necessary protocols, management, systems and training to address the urgent question of how to balance the exciting new communication possibilities of mobile devices with the security concerns.

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myGeeks Communications IT Consulting

To engage in truly secure communication, an organization needs to do more than to just deploy firewalls and implement encryption. Any IT security method must be easy to use, seamless and transparent to the user.

myGeeks provides a diverse array of strong enterprise-class IT security tools and techniques to facilitate real-time collaboration with clients and partners.

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myGeeks IT Security Training Services

Your #1 defence is an educated, "security aware" workforce.

You do not have to learn how to be a locksmith just to lock a door, however you must faithfully lock that door every single time. In a similar manner, a very large amount of IT security threats can be prevented in organizations if everyone learned and strictly following a small number of simple behaviours. Contact us today, for we can provide this essential training.


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