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myGeeks Server & Database Management

myGeeks Network Administration

We customize and deploy modern enterprise-class LANs and Wide Area Networks with authentication systems for high volume of user accounts on the office, campus, metropolitan, regional, and national level.

Contact us today for a cost / benefit analysis of upgrading to high-speed terabit routers, switches, bridges and cabling.

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WiFi Network Administration

WiFi equipped laptops, mobile devices and tablets in particular, are revolutionizing workflow, collaboration and communication. However, you need a fast, scalable, seamless, robust and well designed WiFi system to eliminate bottlenecks.

We can deploy wireless mirroring, video conferencing, remote desktoping and paperless offices, all through WiFi.

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Network Attached Systems

  • Quality control Systems.
  • Electronic time tracking system.
  • CNC controllers.
  • Streaming HD video feeds.
  • Inventory control systems.
  • Kiosks.
  • Point of Sale terminals.

myGeeks Cloud, Virtualization & Grid Management

Although these three server models are architected and implemented differently, they share the common purpose of increasing a IT capabilities while enabling entirely new possibilities.

Hybrid Cloud

Most organizations do not generate their own electrical power, they utilize the vast economies of scale the utility company offers (however the prudent will still invest in uninterruptible power supplies and back-up generators).

In the same manner, an increasing number of organizations are outsourcing some or all of their data storage and operating system instances to third party "cloud" vendors that can orchestrate all of their work flows and processes within a single domain.

Cloud service providers can create large reductions in hardware investments for organizations and greatly simplify the management of IT.

A "hybrid cloud" is when an organization retains some of its IT infrastructure in-house and then deploy the rest into the "cloud". They experience most of the benefits of both platforms with few of the drawbacks of either.

The greatest opportunity of cloud services is that it opens up whole new markets, services, workflows, abilities and forms of communication that were only recently impractical, implausible or downright impossible.